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Ashe Soul Global Village membership includes access to our private social network, our WhatsApp group, access to numerous archives of video discussions, and more depending on your membership level. We  have bi monthly talks on Ifa Orisa, African Spirituality, Healing, and personal development.  Guest membership includes some select archives of previous discussions and resources. Full Membership includes access to LIVE discussions and all of the archives and resources. For People located in the Midwest, we also offer special access to ongoing activities and events 

Guest Member


Limited access to Ashe Soul archives of videos discussions.  
Access to ongoing learning and development opportunities  
5% Discounts on initiations and ceremonies
 Access to Chief Abiye via limited private emails.  
10% Discounts on materials, tools and supplies
 Opportunity to consult Ifa or orisa with Chief Abiye Ayele Kumari ( Members only)  Access to the Ashe Soul private/members-only Social network and WhatsApp group where you can take part in discussions, ask questions and make connections with other members

Full Village Member


For people who wish to study directly under Chief Abiye and Or Baba O
All of the basic PLUS
15% Discount on initiation and ceremonies for self
15% discount on Shrines and tools .
 You are spiritually supported through your Isese journey personally Access to Chief Abiye for questions via direct online chat and limited personal phone calls/ texts (limited off hours)
 Access level appropriate learning opportunities, courses, and programming
 Learning opportunities via direct participation in rituals and ceremonies
Access to ASHE Soul festivals
Participate in exclusive Village Ashe Soul Live talks  and teleclasses Inclusion in Ifa Orisa prayers and ebos for the ASHE soul community
Access to Temple library with study materials, ebooks, and exclusive content.
Access to Ashe Soul Video and audio archives from previous sessions

Affiliate kick back for any referral that results in a Main membership or above.

Professional Priest Member


All of the Basic and Main village PLUS 
Required for those who are initiated under Ashe Soul Global Village and are considered Priesthood members
Access to Exclusive priesthood level EDUCATION and ONGOING TRAINING for priesthood and advanced members.
 20% off or more for additional initiations and ceremonies for self and ceremonies for your children ( Conditions apply)
 Personal phone calls and personal access Spiritual support during personal life crisis Access to Priesthood library Opportunity to establish a Ashe Soul starter community in your local area.
Anyone who is a priest and was not initiated by Ashe Soul And wishes to join this membership requires prior approval. 

Disclaimer: Membership into Ashe Soul is not an implication that you are a “god child ”of Iya Ayele Kumari or Baba Okikifa. This status requires special requirements to be fulfilled. Requirements: Ifa Confirmation of suitability, Mutual agreement of all parties including the members of ile. Initiation by us Or 1 year minimum to get to know each other if not initiated by us. And the signing of a Code of conduct agreement.
Membership indicates you are Student ( Akapo) of Ashe Soul 

Membership Options

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    Full Member
  • $24.99 USD

    per month

    Full member Contribution -full access to the archives, Participation in the live Discussions on Ashe Soul Circle, Etc

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  • Opportunity to Participate in Live discussions on Ashe Soul Circle
  • Discounts on divinations, Initiations, ceremonies, and events
  • Access Ashe Soul Library
  • Access to all material in guest membership
  • Access to WhatsApp chat group
  • Guest Member
  • $9.99 USD

    per month

    Limited member donation providing access to select previous archives of Live discussions and more

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  • Discounts on Appointments and events.
  • Limited Access to archives of Live discussions
  • Priesthood Member
  • $49.99 USD

    per month

    Access to all other memberships PLUS Ongoing priesthood education and training.

  • Ongoing Priesthood training and education
  • Exclusive to Ashe Soul Initiates only
  • Discounts on additional initiations and ceremonies