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Offering Divination, Personal Mentoring, African Soul Therapy and Personal ceremonies. 

Baba Okikifa Sangodare Onibode

Baba O offers down to earth Ifa  consultations to assist with problem solving and spiritual insight . He also offers personal mentoring and personal classes.
Consultations for the General Public
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Chief Dr. Abiye Ayele Kumari

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Ifa Divination for Problem Solving 

Solutions for Relationships, Finances, Work, Spiritual Problems, and more

Ifa Consultation is uniquely designed to support solving life's problems so that you can have a better quality of life overall. Ifa is different from other divination methods because it involves a Assessment or Spiritual diagnosis  of your situation from the perspective of your soul and a prescription we call Ebo. Ifa divination engages spiritual energies and divine agents to support your situation and outcome. The Ebo acts as a change agent and may include additional items and or behavioral / Attitudinal adjustments.  Whatever it is, it is designed to give you the best possible outcome. Please note the Ebo may require additional payment in addition to the consult. 

Ori Life Path Divination

An in depth consultation that gives insight into your life lessons and soul path. This consultation will help to determine what will help you fulfill your highest potential. It will determine which spiritual forces and Orisa are prevalent in your life. The Comprehensive  version will explore deeply through multiple divination methods in addition to Ifa to give you a wide perspective on your life and what its all about. The comprehensive also comes with a written report. This reading is offered only through Chief Abiye.

Therapeutic Talks

Therapeutic talks include Personal Mentoring Sessions for personal and professional development, Soul Therapy to support emotional healing and spiritual wellness And Life Coaching