Olokun Alaragbo Festival USA 2023

In Savannah , Ga / Tybee Island

Festival Schedule , Logistics &  Info


 The Festival Events will take place primarily at Memorial Park located at 402 Jones Avenue , Tybee Island, Georgia 31328 directly behind City Hall between Butler and Jones Ave. The park is within walking distance 2 blocks from the beach. The Beach area we will be  at is the Center Street entrance across the street from the Library. 

Screened Covered Pavilion

We will be at the Green Screened Covered Pavilion. The space is outdoors so be aware of whatever provisions you need to make to be comfortable. The Pavilion is covered and has fans, lights, and water. Restrooms are public, so please plan accordingly . For those that get hot easily, an additional neck or personal fan may be helpful for you. I find this one that can be ordered online to be affordable and extremely helpful : Personal Fans 

Because our event is outdoors, you may also want to bring Sun screen and  mosquito repellent and comfortable shoes .

Our screened pavilion offers shade but on the beech, you may want to have a beach tent and or beach chairs  for when we are out there. It’s not necessary but for the events, it may be helpful.  


Parking  is available and is pay-to-park 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. It is best to carpool to save money. There are parking lots with numbered spaces by Tybee Island's most popular beaches and parallel parking all along Butler Avenue with easy access to the beaches, shops and restaurants, in which some spaces are metered and others that are numbered and must be paid for at Pay & Display Stations.  More information on Parking and downloading parking app can be found here : ​

City of Tybee Parking

There are local transportation services that can take people around the island if you parked far or have mobility issues.  More information on getting around as well as handicapp access on Tybee can be found here

Food While snacks and some drinks will be available, the Event does not cover food for all 3 days. Participants are encouraged to bring their own snacks and drinks of their choosing. Tybee Island hosts a variety of food vendors and restaurants that are close by . Here is a list of potential food options to check out.

Local Transportation 

There are local transportation services that can take people around the island if you parked far or have mobility issues.  More information on getting around as well as handicapp access on Tybee can be found here
Getting Around on Tybee Island . Golf cart rental is available at a number of places. One location is Tybee Golf Cart

Schedule of Events


Our festival will kick off on Friday at 11 am to 3 pm for Registration. Please have your tickets printed out for ease of Registration. 

 While all are welcome on the beach, Each person will be given a wristband to designate the kind of ticket they purchased. People who purchased tickets will get first priority and access to participate fully.

Egbe Class  1-2pm
Olokun Class   230-330 pm 

Individuals can then Break for Dinner at local restaurants on Tybee 3:30-530pm 

5:30 Alaragbo Reception begins with an ancestral awakening session in honor of the ancestors who came to America by way of Tybee and the Gulluh Coast.  This will be revealed  through Dr. Jamal Toure . Do not be late!

 We will continue to honor Egbe with. offerings and drumming on the Beach for Egbe. Offerings for Egbe include Sweets , fruit, and Snacks. Please no plastics, glass, or trash on the beach.. Beach location will be at the Center Street entrance. 


Morning and Early Afternoon will allow for time on the beech, Exploring Savannah and Gulluh arts.  Gulluh Geechie walking tour  will be offered  as you explore the profound history of Savannah and Tybee Island. 

The Gulluh Geechie tour will  meet at the Haitian Monument on Franklin Square in City Market (Montgomery and Bryan streets across from First African Baptist Church) in Savannah at 12:30 p.m.   Approximately 45 mins - 90 mins  walking tour.   Bring Water and personal fans  to keep cool and comfortable shoes. Host and Tour Guide is Dr. Jamal Touré of Day Clean Soul Tours
A storyline is available for personal exploration of Tybee Island Black history 
Tybee Island Black History virtual  for personal exploration

The AjeOlokun Gala begins at 5pm and extends to 9 pm. Dinner is provided for those who purchased tickets to the Gala. The dinner will be Vegan friendly as well as for Meat eaters featuring traditional African cuisine. Our dinner will feature Vegan Egusi Soup or Red Stew , Roasted Hen and Lamb for Meat Eaters, Salad, And Puff Puff for Desert.


Sunday- The Olokun Procession and offering on the Beech followed by drumming and celebration 
Feel free to bring offerings but only fruit.  
Colors and Attire
Colors and Attire Colors for the Festival are Turquoise, White, and Gold It is ideal to wear the following for each day. Any attire on Friday but loose comfortable light colored is best. Dress or African Attire for the Gala on Saturday White clothing for Olokun procession on Sunday  

Tybee Island Rules 
 Please contain and keep your own trash so as to not violate Tybee Rules and to keep the beach clean. Please familiarize yourself with the rules for Tybee Beach Tybee Island Rules