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Programs and Events

We offer a variety of community events, programs, and services to empower people and heal.   Our festivals and community ceremonies  for the African diaspora  offers safe space for rejuvenation, healing, and promoting cultural awareness and the reestablishment of ancestral legacies.   

Community Partnerships

We partner with global African organizations , dignitaries, healers, and priests to bridge cultural/ Spiritual gaps and offer reconciliation between Africans and African Americans and learning opportunities. Above pic is Baba Okikifa sitting with the Ooni (Yoruba King of King) in his Palace in Ile Ife.

African Education Outreach

Primary Education is not free in Nigeria. It’s privately funded. We sponsor orphanages in Nigeria and promote education in Africa through buying books and supplies to those who cannot afford to attend primary schools or afford supplies Above pic is the passing out of books and supplies we sponsored for a primary school in Ibadan, Nigeria In 2021

Prison Program

We recognize no one is perfect and even Obatala was incarcerated for a time. Orunmila converted criminals to healers. We provide spiritual support for incarcerated individuals unable to access Ancestral spiritualy behind bars. We provide consultations and counseling for spiritual and emotional health As well as Ebo and Etutu for personal support. .

You Should Know

Upcoming Events

Festival of Bones Ancestral Healing and Egbe Celebration

November 5, 2022 Saint Louis, Mo 
Our Festival of Bones is a cultural and ancestral celebration to honor our African Ancestors and Spiritual Clans. It’s intended to facilitate healing, education, and empowerment to their descendants as well as affirm our communites and families. We draw out the traditional African masquerades allowing us to connect the past with the present and future generations. 

Olokun / Alaragbo Festival

July 14-14 2023 
A community festival designed to celebrate African Atlantic people and it’s Connections to the Ocean and reclaim our spiritual legacies. This years festival will be held on the beautiful St. Helena Island, a historic island where Africans landed in the new world. 

Initiation in Africa

We sponsor trips to Africa to promote racial and ancestral healing among individuals who are descendants of Africans who were in captivity in the United States and Caribbean.

May 2023
We will be headed to Nigeria, West Africa for initiations and sacred ceremonies. Initiations to Ifa, Oya, and Iyami Inductions will take place alomg with others. 

Past Events 

In 2019 We consecrated a community Shrine for the Saint Louis African American Community Ancestors. That shrine was compiled of prayers and ritual elements that were commemorated for the 5 year anniversary of Mike Browns death. As part of our consecration we were tasked with facilitating a community healing ceremony at the Mississippi River. Here are some photos